003: Fireworks

“Hey, do you want to meet my cousin?”

“No,” Aiko said flatly. She was too busy to fall in love. That and her last boyfriend was a cheating bastard. She didn’t have the strength, patience nor the heart to fall in love again. She buried herself in her latest project, turning away from G.

“Come on, it’s not like you’re going to date,” He said in a cajoling tone.

Aiko frowned and looked him in the eye. “Why do I have to meet him?”

“Because, you’re pretty and single and well… you need a boyfriend, frankly,” he said. “You’re going to be an old spinster if you don’t stop that.”

“I’m ready to be an old spinster,” Aiko stuck her tongue out at him and then grinned.

“Just once, if you don’t click and then you’ve got a new friend,” he said as he turned to tend to his girlfriend who happens to be my best friend.

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this,” Aiko shook her head and then sighed.

“Great, Dinner. Friday Night. We’ll pick you up,” He grinned with his perfect pearly whites. Aiko wanted to smack him.

But honestly, AIko was envious of her best friend. Nie had the cutest, tallest and most charming boyfriend in the world and he’s totally head over heels in love with her. Is there anything else she can ask for?

Meanwhile, she has gone through plenty relationships. Many of them failed before they even started.  The last time she fell in love, her boyfriend had cheated on her with her boss. So, it was not surprising that she was a cynic when it came to love. In fact she had sworn off love. She wanted to swat cupid away and never fall in love again. Period.

Unless some boy comes into her life and set off fireworks when they meet, then she’ll believe in love again.

But it was Friday night, she put her final layer of mascara on and surveyed herself in the mirror. Dress was just enough to show off her voluptuous curves, it wasn’t too dressy nor too underdressed. Her hair was slick had shone from hairshine and conditioner. She smelled of perfume and she had on her lucky bracelet.

And she said it wasn’t a date.

At 7:45 PM, she ran out of her apartment to meet G and Nie in his battered old red civic. She smiled at them as she reached for the door, but it magically opened. She peered in and her “date” was there. She slipped in and closed the door and then there was awkward silence.

“Hi,” she managed to say as she studied his features. He was cute, lean, with a serious face. Not bad, not bad at all.

He smiled back a little and then said. “Hi, I’m G’s cousin. My name is Iggy.” He offered his hand.

“Aiko,” She offered blushing a little as she reached out to shake his hand. His voice isn’t squeaky. He’s not gay.

“Pleasure,” He grinned as he let go of her hand. Their eyes met for a brief moment and she gasped. Her heart did a little flip.

Aiko, what’s wrong with you? She scolded herself. She distracted herself from his hazel eyes by asking him questions. “So, Iggy, what do you do?”

“I’m an Architect,” He smiled. “Actually, I finished pre-law but my heart was really set in architecture. “ he admitted with a boyish grin. “I heard you’re an HR?”

“Yes,” she nodded as she avoided the teasing stare of G. “I am. Though, I would rather be a writer.”

“What’s stopping you?”  Iggy asked her as they cruised the night streets.

“I can’t write. At least not for an audience, most of my writing I do on my own or for a select few,” she admitted.

“I should read your stuff, then maybe I can tell you if it’s good or bad. I’ll be objective about it. Though, G showed be your blogs. I read some of it. You have a talent for it. You should pursue writing,” he nodded and met her eye again.

This time her heart did a somersault. He read my blogs and liked it.  she nodded. Her last boyfriend thought blogging was a waste of time.

“You’re smart, you have an opinion. I like that,” he continued. “I agree with you on some points in your blog about the President. He really could use a brain.”

“Really?” she smiled even more. For the third time, their eyes met. Her heart did cartwheels. She scolded herself. She didn’t understand why she was so attracted to him.

1. He wasn’t really her type.
2. Maybe he’s just impressing her.
3. … she’s out of excuses.

Alright, so there is initial attraction. She has a crush. Means nothing. She has a crush on Yamashita Tomohisa and Brad Pitt. Doesn’t mean she’ll fall in love with him, right? At least, that’s what she wanted to believe.

As the night deepened, they talked about everything. Presidents, Past relationships, hobbies and work. She ranted about the office, he told her about his troubles with clients. She was surprised how easy it was to open up to him and talk to him. It was different, it didn’t scare her and she liked it that way. It was comfortable, like talking to a friend – a very good friend. Maybe it would stay that way.

They exchanged numbers and agreed to see each other again. It was so natural that she forgot that Nie and G were watching them as they said good night.

“Good night Iggy. Thanks for the company. Text me when you get home?” Aiko looked again to his eyes and her heart did a swan dive.

“Good night, Aiko,” he smiled and took her hand . “I’ll see you again. Definitely.”  He raised her hands to his lips and brushed it ever so slightly. “Thanks for the time.” He whispered.

As he did that, Aiko’s heart leapt. Fireworks had gone off in her heart. Her head was saying STOP. Her heart was rushing on. She watched them drive off before she turned, wide eyed to enter her apartment.

Hoshit. Here we go again,  AIko said to herself as she climbed up the steps to her apartment and smiled. G, you are going to get it from me.


002: Stalker

This story was written February 17, 2007


Ring… Ring…

It’s you again. Stop calling me already. You know that I don’t like you, you know that your words bear no meaning to me. You know that nothing you ever say will make me love you or want you. We’re friends. That’s it. That’s my final answer.

Stop looking for something more. I can’t give you anything. Not even an ounce of hope. It will only hurt both of us if you keep on doing this. Please. Stop.

Beep… Beep…

Message after message. I am tired of it. Please. It’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t bring myself to care. No, not now. Not when my heart is numb. Not when I think I need something else. They say the cure to a broken heart is love. I think that’s incomplete. Time and love. I need time to recover from the wounds.

You got mail!

Hopefully, not from you. I can’t stand your “I love yous” I cant stand the novels you write. Stop it. We’re done, It’s over.



001: Mirage @ Club Moda

Here’s a story I would like to share. I wrote this a few years ago in light of something unusual that I remembered from the clubbing nights in Chicago. But of course, like everything else in my life, this story has a twist – at least after I had already finished it.

Mirage @ Club Moda

She smiled as she entered the club. The Chicago wind chill was setting in and she did not know what possessed her to wear a bright pink tube top, mini skirt and stilettos. Maybe it was because she was meeting with friends that she has not seen in a decade. High school friends – one just came into town a few weeks ago, another who lived in Chicago for a long time and she didn’t know about it. They had just come from dinner and Lee had brought them to Club Moda – a local club that coincidentally they both had frequented. Funny, why didn’t they meet there before?

Giving her coat up to Coat Check, she looked around at the crowd. Then joined the conversation her old classmates were having. She smiled at the guys, particularly at Dick, who was her High School Crush. They had been secretly dating for the past few weeks – but they agreed not to have Lee know about it. There was nothing to hide, just the fact that he had started to like her and he had a girlfriend back home. Other than that, they were just really good friends. Besides, she was too jaded to have anything serious happen especially not after her failure of a marriage with Al. She sighed as she shook him off her head. Now is not the time to think about him.

Leaning against the bar, she scanned the crowd for prospects. It was still early – and there were the early birds, chilling by the bar. The music was old school; it was kind of perfect as they were reminiscing about old times. She ordered a Midori Stone Sour – her first of the night and 2 beers for the boys. She leaned across the bar and checked out the guys who were there. She flashed a smile at one of them who caught her eye, before Dick tapped her on the shoulder and asked for a lighter. Shit. He cramped her style.

She sighed as she resigned herself to the boy’s conversation. They were talking about how much she changed. She laughed. Of course she has! She was a geek in High School – people barely noticed her and it was a surprise to her that they actually remembered who she was. Perhaps it was because she had high grades and they copied notes off her. And now they said she was different. The conversation went from old teachers to current situations. He listened to Lee talk about his fiancée and looked over at Dick who was giving her a meaningful look.

Now was the time to bow out. She sipped the last of her Midori Stone Sour and decided that she needed something stronger. A shot, yeah. Washington Apple, one of her favorites. She walked over to the bar and spied on a cute guy next to her spot. She leaned over to get Nicole’s attention and glanced over to him.

Oh, what a hottie. I wish he talks to me. Better yet, dance or have a drink with me. She thought as she gave him another grin before ordering from Nicole. “Nicole, can you make me a Washington Apple please, the shot.” She said, and then glanced at him again. He was looking. He was definitely looking.

He was taller than her; fair features a good smile, and from the looks of it, he works out. Purrr. She has to get to know him, but she was not about to make the first move. Nicole served her drink and she grinned at her. “Thanks, doll.” She winked at the cute bartender before grinning to the cutie. Cheers.

She downed the shot and asked Nicole for a Dirty Shirley. Perhaps, if she hung around, he would talk to her. She waited. He was still looking, nursing his drink. She sighed. Maybe I should start the conversation.

Lee was waving her over. Damn. She looked at him hopefully and then went off to her friend who was standing around with several people. She made small talk with the people and soon, the music started to change.

That was more like it. Dancing was fun. She loved to dance and lose herself in the beat, the rhythm and the music. She did, she forgot about everything when she danced. But somehow, her eyes keep on travelling to the spot by the bar where Mr. Mirage was. He was gone. Ah, perhaps he’s nothing more than a mirage. At least he was someone worth remembering – who knows he might pop up at the Buzz right?


A few weeks later, our heroine found out that he was not a mirage. He was real. He found her in Myspace and they have been recently chatting and regretting that they did not talk to each other that night.

At least, they’ve been making up for it lately. Better late than never, right?

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